Connection sticker


‘Pulse of Life’ is an image I’ve been thinking about for a while. Ever since hearing about the scientific research about the intelligence of trees & how they communicate and share nutrients to support one another’s health & well being, this awareness has been in my consciousness.

I like to reflect on the infinite vastness of the Universe, and the connectedness we all share through the life force.

Especially at this time on Earth where we are all realizing we need to change the ways we’re living if we are to survive & thrive, but we aren’t really sure what those changes need to be, I like to focus on & envision what I want to create. This image of the glowing green heart and all the glowing connections of the roots & the trees brings me back to feel centered in love & positivity.

The original image is from my 30″ x 30″ water mixable oil on canvas painting from 2020.

The ‘Connection’ sticker is 4″ diameter, matte vinyl with eco veggie inks.

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