Honoring the Magic & Power of All That Is

What I realize about my practice of creating art, is that it has been a visual reflection of my process of awakening.

I started seriously focusing on oil painting in my early 20’s. My art was dark & heavy & full of pain of being a woman in the world, working through my own ancestral traumas & blocks. And as I worked through the pain, light & beauty started to shine through my expression.

My next phase of my art was all about birthing, since I was having my babies. I was surprised that there wasn’t a lot of artistic expression around birthing. Such a huge event, and yet somehow hidden or not celebrated. I was in love with everything about birthing & I was inspired to create images I felt were beautiful & empowering.

These days I’m deeply influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle about presence, and awakening our awareness to the deeper essence of ourselves which is recognized in stillness.

I appreciate the two-fold gift that my art brings me. Firstly it’s the beautiful gift of getting to be immersed in the stillness while I’m painting. In that state of creating, I feel so deeply present and connected to the Divine & it feels wonderful!

The second gift is the beautiful creation that comes from my practice. I feel the painting is a manifested reflection of that stillness & connection with the Divine. And then, people see my art and it reflects that beautiful Divinity to them and also brings them to a moment of stillness as they recognize it speaking to their own deeper essence. Wow! I feel so humbled & grateful to get to be an artist in this life!

I love the act of creating art; receiving inspiration and sitting in that meditative state adding paint to the canvas to bring the idea, and the feeling of the idea to manifested form. Like reaching into another dimension to bring back the image.

I love bringing this manifested art to market where people with matching frequency recognize and joyfully appreciate the images that remind them of something familiar & meaningful.

The Process

I grew up in Vancouver & moved to the Kootenays in 2004, where I’ve found so much love & appreciation for my art, for which I am deeply grateful.
 I’ve never had any formal training in art, but just always spent every spare moment dedicated to painting.

I paint with water mixable oil paints on canvas. I use colour to express energy & emotion. Recently I’ve been fascinated with the beautiful way water droplets sit on plants in Nature and how the light moves through it. I’m practicing painting that!

When I moved to the Kootenays I started making reproductions of my oil paintings & selling prints, cards, journals, and more recently stickers of my art. I love to be able to offer the option of an inexpensive, beautiful reproduction that makes my art easily accessible.

I sell my work at local markets and shops around the Kootenays and Vancouver, through my website and on Etsy.

I think the central theme of my art is always to express my recognition and awe of the life force; Source; Divine intelligence, in everything and to acknowledge the connectedness of all life.

I love, and am so grateful for this beautiful life on this most precious planet. My art is an expression of my reverence & gratitude and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you – may it uplift & inspire you!!

Thanks & Blessings,

The Process