Aura ~ Project Radiance



Aura ~ Project Radiance, is the 8th painting in a series of chakra paintings inspired by my passion for Kundalini Yoga. The eight chakra, the Aura, is the luminous body around your physical body.

I chose a white owl to represent the sense of this chakra because the colour of the aura is white. Also, when Owl flies, each beat of it’s wings clears the energetic field around it, like we do when we use a feather fan & sage to ‘smudge’ or clear our energetic field. I also chose Owl & the 8 moths (8th chakra) because they are white creatures that live in the dark of the night, giving them a sense of luminosity or glow, which is how I think of the aura.

I chose the five pointed star as the symbol for the Aura, because there was no sanskrit symbol for the 8th chakra. I feel the pentagram symbolizes the body with a circle of protection around it, like the Aura.

The original image is from my 20″ x 24″ water mixable oil on canvas painting from 2019.

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