Awakening Inner Vision


‘Awakening Inner Vision’ was inspired for a We’moon submission for 2020(clear vision). The theme was “Wake up Call”. I thought a lot about “what is clear vision?” What I came to was that clear vision starts from the heart, with eyes closed. And I thought about how we are learning about the way the trees communicate and support one another by sharing nutrients. I thought about the Tree of Life, the Great Mother, giver of all. And this image of Green Tara emerged.

I like using the the flower of life in my paintings, as it shows the way everything is intertwined, with no beginning & no end. I think this is such an important concept for us humans to embrace. And I’ve also been playing a lot with light source & shadow and expressing an energetic or luminous light source.

The original painting is 24″ x 30″, water mixable oil paint on canvas.

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