I started a ‘Unity’ painting, at a live painting exhibit at the ‘Unity Festival’ in Slocan, BC, close to where I live. I considered what ‘Unity’ means to me. I was in a Women’s Circle that met once every new moon, and in the opening of the circle, we would sing the directions song, calling on the Spirits of the four directions to bring the essence of their spirit to the circle. It was very beautiful.

The Spirit of the East is Eagle, who we call to for vision & clarity. The Spirit of the South is Turtle, who we call to for trusting & innocence. The Spirit of the West is Bear, who we call to for dreaming & intuition. And finally the Spirit of the North is Dragon, who we call to for knowing & wisdom. And in the centre is the Earth, represented by the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life.

Dreaming is the attribute of Bear, Spirit of the West. The sticker is matte vinyl, weather proof, 4″ diameter, with eco-veggie inks.

The original oil painting created in 2020, is 30″ x 36″, with water mixable oil paints on canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

Weight .013 kg
Dimensions 14.6 × 11.5 × .2 cm
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