‘Meeting’ was inspired from a friend who is creating a deck of cards for healing the Divine Feminine. She asked for an image of a man & woman facing each other, and ‘Meeting’ was envisioned.

I love the process of the painting unfolding from the idea, to the sketch, to the paint on the canvas. It is like a journey, step by step, it unfolds.

For me this painting embodies the sense of being known intimately, in love, respect & trust. As he is the sky, she is a bird, and they appreciate the reflection of the other helping them to know the meaning of their place in the world.

I like using the the flower of life in my paintings, as it shows the way everything is intertwined, with no beginning & no end. Infinite. It represents Spirit to me.

I also like using colour to represent energy.

The original image is from my 30″ x 40″ water mixable oil on canvas painting from 2019.

Weight .068 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 23 × .2 cm
Art Type