Divine Essence


This ‘Divine Essence’ sticker image is from my ‘Unity’ medicine wheel painting from 2020. I wanted to bring awareness to the life force that is the source within everything. I thought of all the different expressions & names for Source that I know from all over the planet.

I love just saying the words – Source, Love, Life Force, Ki, Divine Essence, Mana, Prana, Chi.

Especially when I am feeling the stress of the times, I like to reflect on the infinite vastness of the Universe, and the connectedness we all share through the life force. To shift my awareness in this way brings me to a place of faith and peace.

The sticker is matte vinyl, weather proof, 4″ diameter, with eco-veggie inks.

The original image is from my 30″ x 36″ water mixable oil painting on canvas from 2020.


Weight .013 kg
Dimensions 14.6 × 11.5 × .2 cm
Art Type